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  • Sherwood Creations, Inc. is committed to not only providing the easiest plans and patterns to follow, but also offer a little extra help, whenever needed. If you get stuck on a project, feel free to look through our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. Or, give us a call, email us, or look through our Helpful Hints page to get your questions answered, and to help keep your project moving forward.

    Six simple steps is all it takes!

    1. Simply lay Sherwood’s Tracing Paper on your plywood.
    2. Place Sherwood’s exclusive pattern over top of the carbon paper to effortlessly trace the lines onto the plywood with Sherwood’s easy-to-use Tracing Stylus.
    3. Cut the pieces using your hand-held jigsaw or scroll saw.
    4. Paint the traced areas with Sherwood’s Delta® one-coat Acrylic Paints using the colors shown on the pattern.
    5. Once dry, coat with Sherwood’s Hydrocote Polyshield® to protect your project.
    6. Display your work of art for all to see! Give as gifts. Sell at craft shows. You’ll love it! It’s so much fun!

    And if you don't have time to look through the pages of hints and How-to's, and you don't want to call us, feel free to email your questions to info@sherwoodonline.com and we will try our best to return your email within 24 hours (during the regular business week).

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